About Me

I’m a Deaf Teacher ready to teach you American Sign Language. I have been signing for forty years and teaching online for the last five years. I was born deaf and legally blind in Ontario, Canada and I now reside in Oklahoma, USA. I was mainstreamed in an oral program in public school for Elementary school, then switched to a Deaf Institute for my High School. I’m happily married with 2 adult children and work as an online ASL teacher and freelance writer. I enjoy watching television and movies, spending time with family and friends (all online right now due to the pandemic), reading books, writing stories, flea marketing, and cooking.


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Teaching Style

I teach online through Zoom in a casual setting. I teach with the microphone off as ASL is a visual language and aural clues make it harder to remember the signs, otherwise we will use the chat feature to communicate. For my ASL lessons, I provide membership to my curriculum’s website – ASLDefined.com, as well as lesson handouts, videos, PowerPoints, and reading materials. You will also receive homework to complete offline in your own time – this includes activities to complete on the website, reading, watching videos, and submitting your own ASL videos, or essays. Please note, I do not reward CEUs or a Certificate of Completion. My lessons are geared towards personal learning only.